NSW Floods


The floods in Southeast Queensland, the Northern Rivers of NSW and in Western Sydney have devastated towns and communities. Our thoughts are with all affected!

Many of LCSA’s members at Neighbourhood and Community Centres in these regions have been impacted by the rising flood waters as severe weather over many days and weeks brought high totals of rain to large areas of the state.

The recovery efforts are already underway as hundreds and thousands of people volunteer alongside emergency response services to assist in the clean-up which will take weeks, months and in some cases years, to get the community back on its feet.

Support those Impacted by Floods

If you would like to assist in the recovery effort by donating items or volunteering your time to support the people and communities affected by the floods, the following list of organisations are currently running appeals and providing relief services.

Also, a number of LCSA Members in the Northern District of NSW and in Western Sydney are providing practical support and relief to vulnerable community members at their local Neighbourhood and/or Community Centre. Check their social media accounts for ways in which you can assist them and their community at this time, as they are regularly posting updates and announcements.

Flood Information and Financial Support

NSW Government - Flood information and services to help individuals, families, households and businesses.

Services Australia - Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment

Australian Red Cross - Relief & Bereavement Grants available for people affected by the Qld and NSW 2022 floods.

Share Your Story

If you are a member of LCSA and your organisation has been impacted by the recent floods, feel free to get in contact with us directly by phone on (02) 9660 2044 and share your situation and your current needs so we can best assist you. We have also created an online form as way for you to reach out for support.

Flood Impact Form 

If you are a LCSA member who has not been directly impacted by the floods, we encourage you to reach out to your colleagues in affected areas.

Useful Links and Contacts During a Disaster

There are many emergency response services available and we hope these reach all those people and communities in need of assistance. For those looking for further information and help, we have created a list of Useful Links and Contacts During a Natural Disaster.

Useful Links & Contacts