Mental Health Month 2021

Mental Health Month is celebrated in October each year and is a chance to promote activities and ideas that can have a positive impact on our daily lives and the lives of others. These events and messages are tied together with a specific theme, and this year’s is “Tune In”.

Tune In

According to the Mental Health Month website, the theme "Tune In" refers to being present. It means being aware of what's happening within you, and the world around you. Being present by tuning in has been shown to help build self-awareness, help make effective choices, reduce the impact of worry, and build positive connections.

Humans are social creatures who thrive on social connection and companionship. When we don’t receive this regularly, we become lonely, and this can negatively impact our mental health, our physical health and our overall happiness and sense of purpose in the world. Local Neighbourhood and Community Centres provide safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces for people of all ages and backgrounds to connect and tune in with their community, form friendships, and become involved in community projects, programs and groups.

The prolonged challenges and impact of dealing with COVID-19, its lockdowns, restrictions and border closures, has particularly taken its toll on many people's mental health and wellbeing in recent times. More than ever, we need to find ways to tune in to ourselves, family, friends and the wider community in order to support our positive mental health and the wellbeing and of those around us.

Get Involved

During Mental Health Month we all have a chance to Tune In to things we can do as individuals for our own, and others’ mental health. As a mental health ally, we can shift the world to be safer and more supportive for people experiencing difficulties with their mental health.

Visit the Mental Health Month website for more information, events and resources to help your Neighbourhood or Community Centre participate in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Health Month