LCSA Policy Platform 2023

The LCSA Policy Platform 2023 is an opportunity for us to talk about what Neighbourhood and Community Centres do, advocate for what the sector needs and influence public debate and social policy in the lead up to the NSW state election in March 2023.

Neighbourhood and Community Centres are recognised as service providers in a diverse community services sector; however they are not recognised in an ongoing way by the NSW Government for the valuable role they perform in place-based, community-led work. They are also not recognised for their local presence in times of disasters and pandemics. NSW is one of the few states and territories in Australia to not support Neighbourhood and Community Centres through the provision of ongoing and realistic core funding.

We are calling on the NSW Government to recognise Neighbourhood and Community Centres as essential social infrastructure and appropriately resource them through our 4-Point Plan, which includes:

  1. A formal partnership between the NSW Government and LCSA enshrining place-based consultation with NCCs and collaboration on community development, health, education, the environment, social planning and transport.
  2. An annual Social Infrastructure Investment of $51,238,250 comprising $292,790 per NCC each year; and a one-off $5,000,000 Community Investment Fund to which organisations can apply to either top up their baseline funding or create new NCCs.
  3. A one-off Loneliness Investment Fund of $3,680,000.
  4. Fund two dedicated positions at LCSA to support capacity building of the sector.

View or download LCSA's Policy Platform 2023 document.

LCSA Policy Platform 2023

The details of our Policy Platform were developed in consultation with LCSA members, Neighbourhood Centres Queensland, Neighbourhood Houses Victoria and Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania.

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