LNC transforming the lives of Migrant & Refugee Women

Posted on 29/03/2021
A report led by Western Sydney University highlights the impact of Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections (LNC).


HCA receives Community Group of the Year Award

Posted on 27/01/2021
Hills Community Aid has received a prodigious Australia Day Award from The Hills Shire Council.


The Place Celebrates 10 Years of Service

Posted on 14/12/2020
The Place celebrates 10 years of providing a space for the community to meet, connect and belong.


Digital Inclusion for Social Housing Communities

Posted on 15/05/2020
COVID-19 could be the catalyst to push for digital inclusion in Social Housing Communities.


A New Way of Working for Newtown NC

Posted on 23/04/2020
With the COVID-19 restrictions, staff are often asked: How do you even do a job like yours remotely?