Community Strengthening Data Project

About the Project

LCSA has been funded by Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) for the Targeted Early Intervention (TEI) Community Strengthening Data Project (CSDP).

The objective of this project is to develop a Community Strengthening Data Set that adds value and complements the Data Exchange (DEX) compliance data collated under the TEI Program and showcases activities that are designed to build strong and resilient communities, preventing issues from arising in the first place.

Further objectives of the project are to:

  • Develop an IT solution for collecting Community Strengthening Data including data on social capital, service collaboration and sector development
  • Establish a co-design process working with a Project Reference Group and at least 2 pilot site groups
  • Make recommendations to DCJ for further implementation of the project, and ultimately
  • Curate and present a Community Strengthening Data Report to both the sector and DCJ

LCSA is the lead agency and is working in partnership with the DCJ Central Office (TEI Team) to ensure all processes fit together and are engaged in all aspects of the project.

Pilot Project

A Community Wellbeing Survey was developed for Community Strengthening organisations to distribute to their clients, community members and stakeholders to:

  1. Better understand how our services contribute to community wellbeing.
  2. Tell the story behind the data reported in the Data Exchange (DEX)
  3. Collect consistent information about community wellbeing

In order to test the survey and data collection approach TEI services were invited to participate in a Pilot Project. The aim was to engage the sector in helping refine the questions, ensuring they’re suitable and provide us with the right information. Forty four organisations signed up to participate in the Pilot Project which ran for 8 weeks, representing a wide range of service types, organisational size, geographic locations and TEI funding allocations.

The Pilot Report

To read about the outcomes of the Pilot Project, click on the link button below to view or download a copy of the Report.

Pilot Project Report

TEI Community Wellbeing Survey

After piloting the Community Wellbeing Survey in 2022, DCJ formally adopted it as an optional data tool for all TEI funded services delivering Community Strengthening program activities. Subsequently it was agreed that TEI services will use 2 snapshot months a year – February and August - to distribute the survey in their communities.

Service providers have full flexibility in administering the survey. They can either:

  • choose to incorporate them into an existing survey
  • use the LCSA SurveyMonkey link or QR code that’s provided to them
  • print paper versions of the survey and distribute to clients.

The survey may be completed in-person or online by a TEI client. A client can complete the survey on their own, or with the help of a support person or practitioner.

For more information about the survey, view or download the LCSA Guide for Community Wellbeing Survey.

Snapshot Month Reports

Click on the image or links below to view the TEI Community Wellbeing Survey Reports for the Snapshot Months.

More Information & How to Get Involved

If your organisation is interested in using the survey in your community, please view or download the LCSA Guide for Community Wellbeing Survey.

Any TEI service delivering community strengthening activities can opt-in to using the survey tool by sending an email to [email protected]

By opting-in LCSA will contact you in the lead up to the snapshot month with further instructions. and you will be sent a link and QR code to a personalised copy of the survey for your organisation to use.

Organisations that choose to use the tool will be invited to attend Community of Practice meetings. These online meetings act as a forum to ask questions and share issues and experiences people have in relation to using the survey, as well as discuss the final data results to be used for reporting purposes.

For further information please contact Can Yasmut (LCSA's Executive Officer) on (02) 9660 2044 or email [email protected]