LCSA has been involved for many years in the area of disaster planning, management and recovery with our members throughout NSW, including some recent work on research projects and reports:

  • Resilience Through Disasters, LCSA Member Survey Report - October 2020 (in conjunction with WESTIR)
  • Disaster Management Research Project - December 2020 (in conjunction with ACU)

An opportunity arose with the NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) through the Social Sector Transformation Fund (SSTF) to progress this work into a practical tool to assist with broader trauma-informed community development training.

Over a 12 month period from 2021-2022, LCSA will develop and roll out the Trauma-Informed Community Development Training Program (TICDTP), which will involve 2 key parts:

  1. Developing Resilient Communities Project Small Grants - Community-led Recovery
    LCSA will allocate $5,000 grants to 10 LCSA member organisations to assist in their development of community-led resilience projects and enhance their community leadership capacity through community conversations.

  2. Online Training Course
    An online training course to assist Neighbourhood Centres work in a trauma-informed way with their communities, especially following the impact from natural disasters and the COIVD19 Pandemic.
    ‘Community trauma’ is not only due to natural disasters and can be caused by a range of events. This training course aims to address this broad scope and assist Neighbourhood Centres with a framework and strategies to enhance positive pathways forward.

For more information and updates regarding the Trauma-Informed Community Development Training Program (TICDTP), or to find out how you or your organisation can get involved, contact Bronwyn Hutchings, SSTF Project Manager at LCSA.