Policy Development Project (PDP)

LCSA first developed a generic suite of Policy and Procedures for members in 2011, which was updated in 2013. Because this was a self-funded project, members bought into and paid for the policies at a cost of $2,000+GST. For those member organisations who subscribed previously, these original policies are still available to them, while automatically having access to the new and most up-to-date policy suite produced in 2018.

PDP Subscription Costs

LCSA Members who wish to access the Policy Development Project (PDP) for the first time, the initial buy-in price is $2,000+GST for all policies.

While LCSA considers the cost of $2,000 cheap in comparison to what an individual member would have to pay a consultant for a similar set of policies, we are aware that some services with small amounts of funding may find this difficult. Therefore, on a case-by-case basis, LCSA is willing to negotiate a price that is meaningful and affordable based on your circumstances, or make certain sections or individual policies available to you at a smaller cost. Please contact Lyn or Can at LCSA to discuss these options further.

Non-LCSA Members who wish to access the Policy Development Project for the first time, the initial buy-in price is $4,000+GST.

Purchase a PDP Subscription

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Please Note: Policies are generic and do not contain policies you may need for specific target groups or programs (e.g. youth, or aged care).

If subscribers to this project notice policy gaps or a statement that does not adhere to current standards, please inform LCSA so it can be updated as quickly as possible.

PDP 2021 Updates

LCSA is currently updating our policy documents and existing PDP Subscribers can now pre-purchase the PDP 2021 Updates. 

If your organisation has previously purchased our full poilicy suite, you are eligible to pay for the 2021 Updates now and you will have access to these policies as soon as they are available (Date To Be Announced).

The price for the PDP 2021 Updates are $200+GST (LCSA Members) or $400+GST (Non-LCSA Members).

Purchase PDP 2021 Updates

Please note the following:

  1. To purchase the PDP 2021 Updates, your organisation needs to have a current Policy Development Project Subscription
  2. If your organisation has a PDP Subscription, you need to be logged into our website as the Primary Contact
  3. You must be a current financial member of LCSA in order to receive member pricing for this purchase

Contact LCSA if:

  • You are unsure if your organisation has a PDP Subscription
  • Your organisation has previously purchased a PDP Subscription but somehow you are unable to purchase the PDP 2021 Updates on this page
  • or you have any issues or questions about purchasing this item